1 Reception Hours

 Weekdays (Monday – Friday) 8:30 am to 11 am

2 Treatment

 This hospital uses an appointment system so in principle patients will be seen in the order of their appointment. However, if a patient needs urgent  treatment the order may change. Thank you for your understanding.

3 Referral letters

 If you are coming to this hospital for treatment we ask that you bring a referral letter from your current doctor. Patients without referral letters must pay a Provider Selection Fee of 5,000 yen plus tax.

4 Outpatient Guide

(1) Reception

1 – On your first visit

 Go to Counter #1 during the above hours.

2 – On subsequent visits

 If you have a referral letter go to Counter #1.

 If you haven’t shown your insurance card for verification in the past year or if you lost your patient ID card go to Counter #2.

 If you have shown your insurance card for verification in the past year use the automatic registration machines.

(2) Payment

 When finished go to Counter #7 where you’ll receive an Outpatient Account Card and a Reception Confirmation Sheet.

 If you need to make a payment do so at the automatic payment machines.

(3) Receiving Prescriptions

 If you have a prescription to be filled at a pharmacy outside the hospital pick it up at Counter #8. If you will be receiving medicine from the hospital   
 pharmacy take the medicine exchange ticket to Counter #9.

5 Credit card payment

 We accept the following cards. Pay at Counter #5 on the first floor of the main building.

 (The automatic payment machines do not accept credit cards.)

 VISA/Master Card/JCB/DC Card/AEON Card/American Express/Diners Club/Discover



〒604-8845 京都市中京区壬生東高田町1の2




平日(月~金) / 午前8時30分~午前11時


平日(月~金)/ 午後2時~午後8時(小児科は午後7時30分まで)
土・日・祝 / 午前10時~午後8時