The Medical Interpreter Dispatching Service

To patients using the Kyoto City Medical Interpreter Dispatching Service
Due to the spread of the novel coronavirus infection, the Medical Interpreter Dispatching Service is suspended from Fri. March 6th.
Period of Suspension: From Fri. March 6, 2020 to Mon. March 23, 2020
Depending on the spread condition, the suspension period may be extended even after Tue. March 24. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
Information on the restart of the service will be posted on the hospital bulletin boards.

In order to provide effective medical treatment and promote the health and welfare of non-Japanese speaking citizens in Kyoto, City of Kyoto, Kyoto City International Foundation and non-profit organization, Center for Multicultural Society Kyoto are conducting medical interpreter dispatching service to certain hospitals in Kyoto.

1. About Interpretation service

Interpreters assist patients at the entire outpatient visiting including reception, examination, billing, prescription pick-up and so
This service is free of charge.

2. Available Languages

English: An interpreter is stationed from 9:00 to 11:00 on Friday
morning. No reservation required.

Chinese: A interpreter is stationed from 9:00 to 11:00 on Tuesday and Friday mornings. No reservation required.
※Chinese interpretation service is only available on Tuesday and Friday mornings.

Korean: Available from 9:00 to12:00 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday
Reservation only.
※If you need a interpretation service, please apply for it at the hospital reception desk in advance.

3. Where to call to apply

Kyoto City Hospital (phone 075-311-5311)

Where to call for inquiries on this system.

Kyoto City International Foundation (phone 075-752-3010)




〒604-8845 京都市中京区壬生東高田町1の2




平日(月~金) / 午前8時30分~午前11時


平日(月~金)/ 午後2時~午後8時(小児科は午後7時30分まで)
土・日・祝 / 午前10時~午後8時