1 Contact information 

Phone (switchboard) (075) 311-5311

We cannot deal with inquiries by phone in languages other than Japanese.

2 Referral letters

If you are coming to this hospital for treatment we ask that you bring a referral letter from your current doctor. Patients without referral letters must pay a Provider Selection Fee of 7,000 yen plus tax.

3 What you need during registration

(1) To foreigners living in Japan

Health insurance card, ID with face photo (Residence card)

(2) To Foreign visitors

Original proof of ID (passport) * Please note that a copy is not accepted.

We will not arrange for you to obtain a visa for medical stay.

Medical fee

Regarding medical fees to foreign patients who do not have either Japanese public health care insurance, it is calculated at 20 yen per point〔Tax excluded〕 of medical fee points which is laid down by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Payments can be expensive.

We cannot provide an estimation of medical treatment before medical consultation, as a treatment plan cannot be determined without seeing the patient.

Payment is possible only with yen cash or a credit card. We do not work directly with private insurers.


Internal, surgical, and pediatric doctors are on duty but all specialized departments may not be available.

(1) Regular weekday reception hours

Monday – Friday 8:30 am to 11 am

* During regular weekday hours we see patients needing immediate care who have been brought by ambulance or referred by another medical facility. If you come without a referral during these hours the emergency department may not be able to see you, or treatment may be delayed.

(2) After hours weekday reception

Monday – Friday 11am to 8:30 am the next day

(3) Holidays

Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays (including observed holidays)

Credit card payment

We accept the following cards. Pay at Counter #5 on the first floor of the main building.

(The automatic payment machines do not accept credit cards.)

VISA/Master Card/JCB/DC Card/AEON Card/American Express/Diners Club/Discover



〒604-8845 京都市中京区壬生東高田町1の2


TEL:075-311-5311(代)  FAX:075-321-6025(代)



平日(月~金) / 午前8時30分~午前11時


平日(月~金)・土・日・祝 / 午後2時~午後6時





  • ※ 当院は、敷地内全面禁煙です。
  • ※ 携帯電話は、使用を禁止する表示のある場所では、電源をお切りください。
  • ※ 病院内での写真や動画の撮影、録音、SNS等への投稿はご遠慮ください。